Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time for me to start my own blog

This is where I am going to post up my thoughts on physical training and nutrition.  I have too many links for Facebook - I must be driving my cousins batty with all of the craziness.  

Just in time for Thanksgiving:  Say no to the Cake.
And from the same site, why I don't bother eating breakfast anymore.  It's called intermittent fasting - a lot of CrossFitters are into it - also comes in handy at the airport or visiting family.
Sing the praises of choline from raw egg yolks.  Very technical.
Paleo-people were not jerks.
More awesome links everyday.

I'm in love with New York straightedge hardcore now, especially this band called H20.  I just got all of their albums and they are surprisingly melodic.  Makes me want to mosh AND sing.  My favorite is Underneath the Flames, they dedicated it to New York firemen.  Apparently they are vegans, poor uninformed souls.

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