Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

The bench press.

Carbs as Narcotics, Notice that artificial sweeteners are MORE addicting than real sugars, possibly because the body never gets the hit of carbs it gears up for.

Got a good Paleo recipe?  Make a blog and put up a recipe with a photo, and you can share it with the world.

Why most research is probably wrong.

Protect your birthright.   Especially written for Christians, but if the rest of you can get through the scripture you will read some good stuff.

An awesome graphic about CrossFit strategy.

According to Melissa at Whole9, it can take four months or more to recover from coffee.  I dropped coffee last month and I feel pretty good already, but maybe I will see more changes over time.  I was surprised to see that I could live without it, but I feel much better in the morning now.

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