Saturday, February 26, 2011

30-Day Paleo Challenge

So I'm finally doing it again!  Finally going to get serious about eating Paleo and take a break from eating chocolate and sweet stevia in coffee all day long!  A couple of buddies are doing it with me, so I'm not on my own here, thank the-deity-of-your-choice-or-non-theistic-life-principle.  And a few other friends are doing some cool stuff with their food -- really cleaning up their act and dropping out some crappy junk.    I just keep reminding myself: fighting cancer is hard, quitting heroin or alcohol is hard, skipping my coffee with cream Is Not Hard!  Actually, I feel pretty good, and I love eating steak and eggs for breakfast and pork chops with kale and yams fried in bacon fat for dinner.  I would like to not feel addicted to chocolate...  maybe one day.

Why to avoid wheat.

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A freezer full of yummy pork.