Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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This article on Talk to Me Johnnie is incredible.  Children can benefit from strength training to prevent injuries in sports and get a head start on their major strength gains in adolescence.  They can also use training in basic athletic skills, like coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and agility.  Girls do not have the advantage of testosterone to promote strength and thus must focus on it as they mature to avoid LOSING strength.  They must also give upper body strength extra attention - more than men!  Being weak and frail is not particularly attractive, and as long as girls keep off the steroids, they won't start to look like men. Talk to Me Johnnie

 “Appropriate strength-training programs have no apparent adverse effect on linear growth, growth plates, or the cardiovascular system.” Pediatrics

A new podcast from Robb Wolf.  Interesting if you like to geek out on the anti-inflammatory health-promoting diet that is the Paleo Solution or need to remind yourself  WHY YOU SHOULD STOP EATING CRAP THAT'S DAMAGING YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE .  The basic out-of-the-box paleo diet removes the common allergens and gut irritants (and of course, gluten) while allowing you to replace those calories with calories from good fat, vegetables, and meat (eggs for vegetarians.)

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